Monday, March 23, 2009

A Few Interesting Pictures

Okay - last week was spring break and I know I should have been blogging away, but the weather was beautiful so I spent alot of time outside. Here is an example of my accomplishments:

In this corner there were 18 (yes-18) wooden posts that had been buried about 2 feet in the ground. I spent about 7 hours on Monday digging out those 18 (yes-18) posts. They were rotting and falling apart, so I decided they needed to be removed and once you start, you have to finish. So a few blisters and a very sore back later we are missing 18 (yes-18) wooden posts and we now have yet another patch of mud!!!

Back in February ( I realize I am a month behind) we traveled to Colorado City to visit my parents and Grandmothers. Here are some great pictures of the kids and their Great Grandmothers:

I have also neglected to give timely updates on Bryan's Man Cave so...

He recently passed his electrical inspection and will soon be working towards his framing inspection, and after that...well I don't know - I am totally not a construction person. Here are some updated photos:

Tonight - yes I know this will cause some of you to faint - a post on the night it actually happened. Brandon and I decided he should do his reading homework outside. He sweetly asked if we could do it in the tree. So...

I must say - getting up was a lot easier than getting down! :)

Timothy & Bryan were at Cub Scouts so Summer was our photographer - I think she did great. She later took a picture of herself -

So this just about catches everyone up - come again in a month or two and see how things have changed!!


Fay said...

What great pictures. I am impressed with what a great Mom you are. I did a lot of fun thing with you guys, but I don't believe we ever did homeword in a tree

Jamita said...

How many wooden posts did you dig up? Loved the update. I sure hope you get to make it up here this summer.

ElizabethAnn said...

Looks like you guys had a great spring break, with the exception of the 18 posts! That's crazy!

Anonymous said...

I will have to remember the homework in a tree with Anna. The kids looked like they were enjoying the snow.