Thursday, May 14, 2009

Summer's Writing

Many wanted to read Summer's story. I tried to scan it, but couldn't get it to post. So I am going to retype it for all to enjoy!!

by Summer

Once there was a late bloomer named Sam. He is seven years old. He doesn't know how to ride his bike or ride his scooter. One day his friend came over to his house. He was worried because he saw his friend with a scooter and he thought his friend was going to ask him if he can play with him on his scooter. But instead he went to ask Mr. Robort for some milk. Mr. Robort is Sam's neighbor so that's why Sam's friend got in his yard. Sam still thought his friend was going to ask him to play with him. So Sam quickly ran to his garage where his scooter was and started practicing riding his scooter. He got better and better until he could do it! So than Sam went to his friends house to ask him to play with him on the scooter. But his friend said no... I want to play on the bike. Sam said well lets play with our scooters today and we can play with our bikes tomorrow. Okay? Okay. said Sam's friend. When they got done playing Sam went back to his house and started practicing riding his bike. The other day he woke up early to practice more. He got better and better. Later on Sam's friend asked him to play on his bike with him. Sam and his friend were having fun. They rode there bikes along the block. When they went home Sam started helping his sister practice riding her scooter and bike. His sister got better and better until she could do it! The End

Written by Summer Belcher

about the Author

Summer alwaysed wanted to be an Author and Illistrader so she started being one. She works with her dad and she is good at art.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Summer, the Author

Summer wrote a story earlier this school year and we entered her story in a contest called "PTA Reflections". She won 1st place in the local contest and then her story was sent to the state competition. She did not win at state, but we are very proud of her hard work. She is a very good writer for a 2nd grader and we know that her talent will only improve as she grows. Here is a picture of her with her medal and certificate.