Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cub Scouts

Both boys are involved in Cub Scouts this year. On Saturday the 17th they participated in the Annual Pine Wood Derby. For all of you who are not familiar with this, here is how it works. Each boy was given a block of wood, 4 nails, and 4 wheels. They (or should I say their father) then carve, sand, paint, put on the wheels, add weights, and then put graphite on it at least 10 times. Then they race them on a track in the school cafeteria. Both the boys had fun and received trophies for the design of their cars. The boys also received other cub scout awards that morning. Enjoy the pictures.

Boys' Birthdays

We start the New Year off with a bang since both boys celebrate their birthdays during this month. Brandon turned 7 on the 1st and Timothy turned 9 on the 8th. It is hard to believe they are that old already. Both boys got remote control off road vehicles, kinex, clothes, other various toys, and.... MONEY. They were so excited about getting to go and buy anything they wanted at Toys R Us. I must say they did well spending their money and are still playing with the toys they bought - so that is good. Here are a few pictures from the parties.