Saturday, March 28, 2009

Panhandle Weather - never plan for anything!!

Okay this morning we got up early and headed out to play in the snow. There were several drifts and the kids made a fort.

This evening I went out to see how things were melting and found this...

You know if you don't like the weather - just wait a few hours - it will change!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like.... Easter????

Well last night about 6:00 we were notified that school was canceled for Friday. At that time the kids were outside playing and the temperature was about 65. This is what we saw today...

The roads aren't that bad, but the wind is blowing 30 - 50 mph and we are having negative chill factors and white out conditions. We have spent the entire day at home, burning a fire, drinking hot chocolate, reading, and watching TV - such a marvelous day!!!!! They are predicting 60's on Sunday, so we will be back to Spring in no time!! Amarillo weather is never boring.

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Few Interesting Pictures

Okay - last week was spring break and I know I should have been blogging away, but the weather was beautiful so I spent alot of time outside. Here is an example of my accomplishments:

In this corner there were 18 (yes-18) wooden posts that had been buried about 2 feet in the ground. I spent about 7 hours on Monday digging out those 18 (yes-18) posts. They were rotting and falling apart, so I decided they needed to be removed and once you start, you have to finish. So a few blisters and a very sore back later we are missing 18 (yes-18) wooden posts and we now have yet another patch of mud!!!

Back in February ( I realize I am a month behind) we traveled to Colorado City to visit my parents and Grandmothers. Here are some great pictures of the kids and their Great Grandmothers:

I have also neglected to give timely updates on Bryan's Man Cave so...

He recently passed his electrical inspection and will soon be working towards his framing inspection, and after that...well I don't know - I am totally not a construction person. Here are some updated photos:

Tonight - yes I know this will cause some of you to faint - a post on the night it actually happened. Brandon and I decided he should do his reading homework outside. He sweetly asked if we could do it in the tree. So...

I must say - getting up was a lot easier than getting down! :)

Timothy & Bryan were at Cub Scouts so Summer was our photographer - I think she did great. She later took a picture of herself -

So this just about catches everyone up - come again in a month or two and see how things have changed!!