Friday, August 15, 2008

Only in Texas

When we bought our house we planned on building Bryan a "Man Cave" for him to restore cars in. This is a hobby of his. He is in the process of restoring a pickup to drive as his main vehicle. The pictures show his truck now. As you can see it is a work in progress. In order to build the man cave we had to move a storage building that was in one corner to the other side of the yard. true Texas style Bryan used this pick up, a car jack, a chain, some rope, and some wood to pull and push the building across the yard. I think the pictures are self explanatory. I will update you as to how the progress of the man cave goes. Right now we have a few holes in the ground (we had to find the water and gas lines in the backyard!). We have also had the blessing of rain, therefore we have a few "swimming holes" in the backyard. The dog loves the water, the boys love the mud, and now I must love to sweep, mop, and vacuum. :)

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Jamita said...

You'd fit it well in East Tennessee, too! Or I guess I should say, "Youns'd git along good up here."